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Updated: 2016-11-16

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Mayfest 208

The Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle (MMCC) Cordially invites you and your family to the 2018 Mayfest (Majális)
When: Saturday. May 5, 2018 at 3 P.M.
Where: Cowboy Church of Tarrant County
1685 Lacy Drive, Haslet, TX 76177

(formerly Gazda family property)

Provided: Goulash prepared by MMCC members, Langos fried on the spot, soft drinks, water, coffee Please bring: a main dish, dessert or salad, bread, wine to share

Cost: Adults: $5.00 MMCC members, $10.00 - non-members Children age 0 – 12: free of charge

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Hungarian Commemoration of 1849/49 Revolution

The commemoration of the 1848/49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence will be held on March 18th, at the usual place and time. For information please see the attached flyer.

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Hungarian Mardi Gras Party Pictures

Everyone had a great time at the Hungarian Farsang, especially the children. They loved the costume competition.

Thanks for the participation and for all the yummy home-cooked food and delicious pasties!

Thanks to all the volunteers, who made this successful event possible.

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Hungarian Style Mardi Gras Party

Saturday, February 10th, 2018
3:00-8:00 pm
Location: Knights of Columbus Hall - 1907 Whitley Road, Keller TX 76248
Potluck: please bring your favorite homemade dish & drinks to share, enough to serve 10 people!
MMCC will provide paper/plasticware, decoration, water, soft drinks, ice & coffee
We will have lots of fun with a DJ, Karaoke & Dance

Children and Adults Costume Competition
Will have prizes for winners of both categories

Admission: $5 for MMCC members and $10 for nonmembers
Children under 14 are free!

Register at: www.magyarszo.net for PayPal payment
Eva Beluska: evabeluska@hotmail.com 817-829-2180 for check payment.

The event is organized by the MMCC. A portion of the expenses are covered from the Örökségünk video prize money. Bring your family and friends. Everybody is welcome!

Registration is now closed.

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DFW Hungarians claim first price in "Our Heritage" movement video competition!

Once again, the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Hungarians have another reason to be proud. The community has joined the, “Our Heritage” movement. The aim of which is to recognize Hungarians around the world and involve them in the preservation of the Hungarian language and culture. A key portion of the movement is based on the song Heritage, by Gyula István,

The Hungarians living in the DFW area, produced their own video of “Our Heritage” during the summer of 2017. In a recent multi-national contest it even won first prize. Over the past few years, video segments have been collected from various events that were used in the making of the award winning video that  provide insights into the lives of the Hungarians of North Texas. The clips paint a beautiful picture of how the Hungarian language and traditions are kept alive.

On November 13, the result of this year's competition was born, Krisztina Csibi, director of the House of Representatives, member of the jury, László Bagdy, city councilor of Paks, and Vida Tünde, leader of our Heritage Movement.

The Hungarian team in Texas was extremely pleased to receive the news of the recognition. Compliments came in from all over the world regarding the production which included this letter:

"Dear Róza Anna…Let me first congratulate you on the award-winning clip, which has become a legacy! I watched, listened and was very touched. I am 60 years old and it was so good to see that my countrymen from the other side of the globe did not forget that they were born Hungarian and also teach what means to their children! I live in Őrség, and I send you and all those who participated greetings and congratulations! God bless you in Dallas!”

Indeed, all those who participated in the video, deserve recognition and praise.

All the winners received a diploma and a plaque in addition to a financial reward.

This success once again proves that Hungarians, like the ones in DFW, can create an enchanting and exemplary community that preservers the values of “Our Heritage.”

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Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution Report

The Hungarians in DFW once again commemorated the heroes and the victims of 1956 revolution in Hungary.

The ceremony began with a Hungarian Mass at the Cistercian Abbey. Afterward, the congregation walked to the tiny monument standing on the grounds of the abbey. One of the actual revolutionaries, László Deák said a few words and laid a wreath. The crowd then sang the Hungarian national anthem.

Following the outdoor event, they walked to the school’s cafeteria to continue the program which was followed by a potluck dinner. The cafeteria was decorated with Hungarian flags which had holes in the middle of them, the symbol of the revolution, along with some beautiful artwork painted by the young and talented Sarah Aday.

Éva Beluska, the president of the Hungarian club, opened the event by leading the crowd in singing the Hungarian and American National Anthems. The program then continued with a short video-montage of the 60th anniversary celebration held in 2016 in the gymnasium of the school located at the abbey.

After the anthems, Zsuzsánna Igyártó read the poem, “October 23rd” written by Ede Véssey, a local Hungarian poet. Immediately after poem, another of the revolutionaries, Frank Holly, shared some personal moments of his fight against the Russians during the chaos.

The highlight of the program was another short video called, “Our Heritage.” This video, initiated by Ilona Pesti, contained a collection of clips from previous gatherings and celebrations, including a large number of local Hungarian adults and children singing the, “Our Heritage” song. The video was masterfully created by the Tóth family with material and financial support of the MMCC. (It can be viewed on YouTube)

The celebration continued with a group of children and youngsters led by Eszter Branham, singing a short collection of songs of the season. They were accompanied by Anna Róza Tóth on keyboard and her husband Tamás Tóth on guitar.

Other highlights included Fr. Julius Leloczky saying grace, blessing the crowd and the delightfully delicious meals, deserts and drinks brought by the participants. The background included music of the greatest hits of the 50’s and 60’s supplemented with a rolling slideshow created from images of the locals, and some historical pictures of the 1956 revolution, making the evening pleasant yet solemn.
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The 2017 Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian revolution

Everyone is invited to join us at the Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 5PM, and the "Batyus Ball" dinner after the program. For more details, see the flier.

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Peter Gerendas Concert and tickets - Sept 23, 2017

Enjoy a nice evening with the legendary Peter Gerendas!
Date: Saturday, September 23
Time: 5-8 p.m.
Place: Taste of Poland
2301 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075

You can chose your delicious dinner from the restaurants menu, they serve beer and wine.

Ticket prices
$10.00 MMCC members
$15.00 non-members: Children up to 12 years of age: $5
Food and drinks are not included in the ticket price
Plenty of free parking available!
Only 75 tickets (including children) will be sold!
This is an exclusive event. The restaurant will be open to our ticket holders only!
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DFW St. Stephen’s Day celebration will be August 27

Dear Friends!

Saint Stephen was canonized in 1083 A.D. on the occasion of the opening of his tomb in Székesfehérvár. Saint Stephen’s Day is also that of the traditional ’New Bread’ day in Hungary.

This year, our Saint Stephen’s Day celebration will take place on Sunday, August 27th starting at 5.00 PM in the Cistercian Preparatory School’s Cafeteria, after the 4.00 PM Hungarian language Holy Mass held in the Abbey.

Please bring enough of your favorite food or drink to share with your friends who may be coming late from far distances. After all there will be non-Hungarians there, and we want to share with them too! The MMCC will provide water, soft drinks, coffee and all the paper and plasticware. Everyone is cordially invited to attend

We would also like to mention to those who have not paid the annual MMCC membership fees, your help would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance, the MMCC Leadership, August 207.
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Hungarian Folk Dancing and Language Lessons in the Metroplex

Every year, the DFW Hungarian community has an opportunity to take part in programs which help them to deepen and strengthen both their Hungarian language and their Hungarian heritage. This year, thanks to the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program, it is not only possible to have the usual Hungarian classes, but also to have Hungarian folk dance classes again after skipping a few years. Zsófia Kocsis, our intern, arrived to Texas from Debrecen to help aid the MMCC with her talents. These programs would not be possible without the volunteers and leaders of the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle. Their dedication and selfless work is what makes these things happen.

The Hungarians in the Dallas area might not be the largest in number compared to others in the United States, but their enthusiasm is certainly admirable. Every summer, the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle organizes a series of events, during which people can learn and improve their Hungarian language on Saturday afternoons as well as learn Hungarian folk dancing on Friday evenings. This year is a special one, because after missing a few years, there is Hungarian folk dancing again!

The Friday evening dance lessons are always a pleasure. The lessons take place in a professional dance studio, with plenty of spaces and mirrors. The setting is very cozy: there are small tables surrounded by some chairs where one can sit to take a rest and strike up a conversation with the others, while enjoying the snacks and drinks that they have brought. What makes these nights even more interesting is the fact that it is such a wide range of people. There are some older people, some younger. There are some who know how to dance, and some who don’t. There are people who speak Hungarian and some who don’t understand it at all. As a result of this, most of the instructions are given in English, but Zsófi sometimes forgets and talks in Hungarian, but this never causes a problem. The non-Hungarian speakers have learned the numbers and directions in Hungarian by now! The group is very enthusiastic; some of them have to drive nearly an hour and a half in the afternoon traffic just to come dance! In each class, we set some time apart to learn and practice some folk songs. Learning these new songs is nothing like it used to be! Folk songs are learned by mouth, after listening to it several times. Here in Texas, we are definitely in the 21st Century! The first time we learned the songs, everyone whipped out their phones to look up the lyrics and find a Youtube link. Now, we have limited the screens only to one, on a laptop. It is always great to see people trying to sing Hungarian folk songs.

Saturday afternoons are meant for the language lessons. The lessons are held at a church in Bedford with proper classrooms, ideal to learn something so new! Currently, there are three groups: two beginners and one intermediate. The age of the students is quite wide, with the youngest ones being around nine years old and the slightly older ones already have grandchildren. Even though Hungarian is such an difficult language to learn, they are troopers and come every single week, despite the fact that there is always something confusing. Most of the people in the classrooms are either spouses or children whose parents are/were Hungarian and they want to learn the language.

After a longer lesson, there is always a break where everyone can refresh their minds with some snacks and drinks and share their experiences with others. It is so wonderful to look around the room during this time and see how the kids play with each other, trying to use the recently learned words, and adults exchanging conversations. We have had about an average of 30 people come so far, but this number seems to grow week by week! Everyone is very excited and enthusiastic; they are even willing to come once school starts!

Everyone is welcome to join us!
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FR. MELCHIOR ISTVAN CHLADEK, the last survivor of the group of Hungarian Cistercians who founded the Cistercian Monastery Our Lady of Dallas, past away on June the 14th. He will be laid to rest in the newly built Abbey crypt on June 24th. May he rest in eternal peace.

Istvan Chladek was born on July 26, 1931, in Budapest, Hungary. He attended the Saint Emery School run by Cistercian monks and graduated in 1948. On August 29, 1949, he entered the Cistercian Monastery in Zirc, Hungary and received the name Melchior, one of the three wise men. Less than a year later he took his first vows on June, 1950. The communist government, however, published within months its decree abolishing the Cistercian Order in Hungary and several other religious communities. Melchior and 20 other Cistercian monks fled Hungary through the Iron Curtain in what has come to be known as “The Great Escape.” Eight of the escapees were captured and imprisoned. Melchior was among the thirteen who managed to reach Rome in October, 1950, where he studied philosophy and theology in preparation for the priesthood.

At the request of his superiors, Melchior immigrated in 1954 to the Cistercian Monastery in Spring Bank, Wisconsin, completing the last year of his theological studies at St. Francis Seminary. On May 14,1955, he was ordained to the priesthood in Milwaukee but waited five days to say his First Mass in Dallas with the recently founded Cistercian community. He then began the study of biology at Southern Methodist University, transferring to Saint Louis University, where he earned his Master’s degree in 1961. Fr. Melchior was the last survivor of the group of Hungarian Cistercians who founded the Cistercian Monastery Our Lady of Dallas. He was member of the original faculty of Cistercian Preparatory School, which opened its doors in the fall of 1962 in rented facilities on the Ursuline Campus before moving to its present site in Irving in 1964. He served as the Form Master of Class ’70, the first class to graduate from the Prep School. Afterwards, he served as Form Master for Class ’75 and Class ’81, while also teaching biology from 1962 to 1979. Fr. Melchior is remembered fondly by his students as a dear friend and, as one medical doctor recalled, one of “the best science teachers I ever had, the one who taught me how to really think.” Others enthusiastically tell stories of his genetics experiments with fruit flies and his conscientious care for the varied animals he kept in the school. After working as the Abbot’s secretary from 1979-1981, Fr. Melchior served in various pastoral assignments, including St. Monica’s Catholic Church and the Catholic chaplaincy at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth. Throughout his later years, he suffered from debilitating health problems. And, when no longer able to celebrate Mass, he looked forward to receiving Holy Communion daily.

Fr. Melchior was preceded in death by a brother, killed as a teenager in the siege of Budapest in 1945, his parents, Antal Chladek and Irene Maywald. He is survived by two sisters, Irene and Maria, as well as nieces and nephews, all in Hungary.

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Hungarian Language and FolK Dancing Classes

This summer the MMCC will be offering free Hungarian Language and Hungarian Folk Dance Classeses for adults and children from beginners to advanced.  The language classes will be offered in Bedford at the Bedford Church from June through September.

The folk dance classes, also for adults and children, will be held June through September as well but in Richardson at PJ’s Dancetiques. For details and more information click on either the Language Class flier or the Dance Flier.

To register for either, please use the links in the flier. 

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May fest 2017

On May 6, we had another great and traditional Hungarian May fest celebration at beautiful Grapevine Lake. The weather was perfect, the scenery mesmerizing, the Gulyas and food was delicious while the spirits were happy and high! Hungarians, young and old came in large numbers, 185 to be precise, to mingle and to celebrate. The hard work of almost two dozen of volunteers working selflessly for many days and weeks, paid off! The guests loved the tasty food and were grateful for the crew of volunteer chefs. It was nice to see the multigenerational families coming to participate and enjoy in the traditional feast and games. The celebration concluded with a group singing of Hungarian folk songs. It was evident that the North Texas Hungarian Community is not only growing but thriving. The older members are nurturing while passing on their culture and traditions to younger generations.   

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Diaszpóra2 Megavers

Hungarians are typically a proud people. Locally in DFW, we have yet another new reason to be even more so. Emily Branham, six-year-old daughter of Eszter and Mike Branham, recently placed second in the Diaszpóra2 Megavers competition.

Emily was the only American female to place in this international test of memorization and recitation. As a community, we are extremely delighted on her achievement and for her exemplary representation of the children of Hungarians living in the Dallas / Fort Worth community. We congratulate her and her parents on this outstanding honor.

The Branhams currently reside in Colleyville and are regular participants in the events of the local Hungarian club. Even though she has been raised in the United States, she has consistently charmed area club members with her naturally authentic recitation and singing. Keep on representing, Emily! We wish you continued success!

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Majális 2017

Dear Friends,
We cordially invite you to the DFW Hungarian May Fest!

Saturday, May 6th 2017 from noon – 7:30 p.m.

Location: 3600 Pilot Point, Grapevine, TX 76051

Program: Community picnic, games, soccer and group singing before Sunset.

Space is limited to 200 persons, and registration closes on April 23rd. Please let us know via Google List what type of games you can bring, and how you can help on the day of the event.

Ticket prices for adults: $10.00, children age 6-12: $5.00, under age 6: free. A bowl of Gulyas soup and a lángos is included in the price. Please bring additional picnic foods or desserts to share. Your reservation will be confirmed directly via PayPal once the payment has been accepted.

Those who prefer to pay with checks, please write it to the MMCC and send it to: Eva Beluska, 1904 Autry Court, Arlington Texas, 76017

If you have any questions, please contact Ilona Pesti at pestiilona2@gmail.com or 979-739-6596

We are looking forward to seeing you on May 6th!

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On Sunday, March 12, the Dallas Fort Worth Hungarians again commemorated the 1848-49 Revolution and freedom fight.

The celebration, which occurred after the Hungarian Mass at the Cistercitan Abbey chapel in Irving, took place in the school’s dining room. The president of the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle (MMCC), Eva Beluska, welcomed the guests which was then followed by the Hungarian and American national anthems which signified the opening of the ceremony.

The audience reflected good attendance with equal representation from both the older and younger generations. Familiar acquaintances were reestablished and young Hungarian families new to the area made friends and established contacts. Everyone felt welcomed and at home.

The commemorative speech given by MMCC Vice-President, Peter Vali, welcomed and introduced special guest, Adam Strigel who is a retired Major with the Hungarian National Guard, the Folk and Historic National Guard Association and JNK-Szolnok County National Guard Association members. After a brief introduction, Strigel praised the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle's efforts to preserve the Hungarian language and Hungarian folk traditions. He presented Eva Beluska and Peter Vali an honorary-certification through - the Traditional and Historical Association for National Guard – in recognition of their work. The club was presented with a beautiful painted bowl by artist, Andrea Szucs from Tiszafüred .

Following the prerecorded poem, Nemzeti Dal, written by Sandor Petofi and recited by Imre Sinkovits, Father Julius Leloczki gave the blessing. Then, following tradition, everyone went to kitchen, sampling treats brought by the guests and participating in drinking songs.

It should be noted also that after Major Strigel paid respects to every hero who'd given their life to the homeland and laid a wreath at the 1956 memorial facing the Chapel.

As part of the program, Joe Czabajszki was awarded a certificate of appreciation and recognized for his work on the recent work on the recent book published by the MMCC, “Bátorság a Szabadságért” (The Courage for Freedom). During and after dinner, a silent auction was held for various items. An 1848 silver 20 Krajcár (coin) proved to be the most successful.

Thanks to everyone - directors, auction donors, those who brought food and all the participants for this successful and enjoyable celebration.

We hope to have many more enjoyable events like this in the future.

Éva Beluska

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1848/1849 Hungarian Revolution Commemoration

Our commemoration of the 1848/1849 Hungarian revolution and Independence war will be held in the Cistercian Preparatory School Cafeteria on Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 5 PM after the Hungarian mass. The mass will be celebrated at 4 PM. Following a short program there will be a potluck dinner. Please bring food and desserts to share with others to make the event as enjoyable as possible. The MMCC will provide the water, soft drinks and table settings. Everyone is cordially invited to attend!

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Asymmetric Bilingualism and the Changing Social Positions of Hungarians in Transylvania, Rumania

Dr. Zsombor Csata, Assistant Professor, Babeş-Bolyai University Fulbright Scholar, UT CREES will focus on the changing demographic and socio-economic situation of the Hungarians in Rumania after the change of regime in 1989, with an emphasis on the period after the country’s accession to the European Union in 2007.

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2017
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Location: Lewisville Public Library, Crawford Room
1197 W Main St, Lewisville, TX 75067 (972)-219-3400

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Hungarian Folk Traditions Festival 2017

On Behalf of the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle, We want to thank everyone. First would be the guests who attended and their delicious home cooked meals which honored us. The event could have not been possible without the many DFW adult and children volunteers who helped make the program so special. More thanks go out to the dedicated MMCC organizers who made this Hungarian Traditions event possible along with the Hungarian Diaszpora's KCSP interns, with their wonderful costumes, performances (singing and dancing) which delighted everyone and earned them the utmost admiration.

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Hungarian Folk Traditions Festival 2017

Volunteers of the DFW Hungarian community, Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle and the Diaspora Council’s Kőrösi Csoma Sándor program present the Hungarian Folk Traditions Festival

Saturday, February 4th, 2017 from 4-8 p.m
Bedford Knights of Columbus Hall, 1319 Brown Trail, Bedford, TX 76022

Register today!
Seats are limited to Max. 150, including children!
Registration closes on January 20th, 2017 or when seats are sold out

Ticket prices:
Ticket for adults: $16 ($14 discount for MMCC members) + dish to share with 4 to 6 people
Ages 6-12: $6, Under age 6: Free

New registration and payment method:
Via the New Google List you can check your 2017 MMCC membership status, register the number of guests attending the event, and the type of dish you plan to bring to assure a wide variety of delicious homemade meals on the menu
Via the New PayPal and credit card payment method you can conveniently make payment without any fee charged

See further details in the invitation.

If you have questions or need to pay with a check, please contact pestiilona2@gmail.com or 979-739-6596

On behalf of the organizers and performers, we look forward to seeing you on February 4th!

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2016 Report

Dear Friends,
The MMCC Wishes You and Your Family a Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year!

As 2016 comes to an end, I would like to say thank you to everyone who either by contributions, or participation made our gatherings, events such as - the Cabbage Festival, the March 15th Celebration, the very popular Mayday in conjunction with the Ambassasor of Hungary, Dr. Réka Szemerkényi’s visit, The Weekend Language classes in July & August, the Saint Steven Day celebration, the writing and publishing of The Courage for Freedom book and the greatly appreciated by many Commemoration of the 60. Anniversary of the Revolution in 1956 - as successful as they could possibly be.

Unfortunately, the year brought us sad days too, like our dear friend and supporter, Jeannie Gazda’s unexpected passing. With the permission of the Cistercian Abbey, and Father Julius’ participation we held a very nice and solemn memorial for her in the Abbey. Everyone’s participation and condolences were appreciated by her family and by MMCC as well
On November 27th of 2015 we lost another dear friend, Elisabeth Orosz Ott. This year the MMCC sent donation in her memory to the Cserkész Group of Cleveland. We also collected donations for the tornado victim family of Mihály Hercegfalvi. MMCC was happy to help them too with a generous $ amount. Later in the summer, Árpádhon, the oldest Hungarian settlement in Louisiana was flooded, and we, the MMCC sent a $ donation to help them rebuild their flood damaged Hungarian Club. *

We are looking forward to the upcoming year with hope and enthusiasm. Already planning the first celebration of 2017, which will be on the 4th of February. We are also working on the plans for the extremely popular Mayday celebration. Check our website: www.magyarszo.net<http://www.magyarszo.net/>, the DFW/Texas Hungarians and the DFW Hungarian Meetup Facebook pages regularly for related information and announcements.

Everything we organize requires not only lots of hard work, but also money. Therefore, we urge you to help us, contribute to our 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization by joining the following programs listed on the right.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year, and very Happy Holidays,
Eva Beluska
MMCC President

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On October 25th 2016, in the Fort Worth City Hall, Honorable Mayor Betsy Price and the City Council members approved a Proclamation which recognizes October 23rd of 2016, The 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

City Council Representative Ann Zedah, presented the Proclamation on a plaque to the Hungarian community members Eva Beluska, president, of MMCC, Elisabeth Gazda Kaylor, (secretary of MMCC), to Fort Worth Sister Cities International Budapest Committee chairperson Greg Jackson, and other FWSCI members like Beth Weibel.

For the numerous Hungarians present it was a day to remember. Thank you, Mayor Price, thank you Fort Worth.

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The 60th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary remembered in DFW

As in most Hungarian communities all over the world the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary was remembered with all kinds of commemorations. The members of our Hungarian Community of Dallas-Ft. Worth, did just that. We had a very special event to honor our heroes living amongst us now or in the past. Our friends gathered in the Cistercian Abbey’s Chapel, to celebrate a Hungarian Mass of Remembrance officiated by Fr. Julius Leloczky, O. Cist. followed by the violin presentation of F. J. Schubert’s Ave by Frank Holly, one of the survivors of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

After the church service, they laid a wreath at the 1956-ers Kopjafa Monument. This monument was carved by artisans in Transylvania, brought over to Texas by four families (in suitcases on airplanes) and erected in front of the abbey for the 50th anniversary of the revolution by the late Gazda Imre, and his family and friends. A short tribute was read by Márton Béla, also a 56-er, and one of the four who brought the pieces of the memorial here. This part of the commemoration was concluded with the singing of the Hungarian National Anthem.
Then the crowd walked to the Cistercian Preparatory School’s Gymnasium, where the commemoration of the revolution continued.  On the tables the delicious appetizer plates with Hungarian salami and Gyulai Sausage, three kinds cheeses, boiled eggs, colorful pepper slices, and homemade bread was prepared for the guests by Beata Tóth Nascu of cuttingedgedishes@gmail.com  decorated with a centerpiece consisting of three flags: the United States, Texas, and centered prominently, the Hungarian flag, with a distinctive hole cut in the middle, where the Soviet Symbol used to be, in resemblance of the flags of the 1956 revolution.

The history of the uprising was presented in Hungarian by Péter Váli, the Vice President of the MMCC, while the English translation of the presentation in form of a slide show was projected on a giant screen on the wall by Pesti Ilona.

There was a special honorary table set for the 16 Hungarians who shared their memoirs in the bilingual book, The Courage for Freedom, 56-ers Remember from Texas, collected, compiled and edited by Éva Beluska, and published by the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle.

As they were introduced one by one, by Éva Beluska, President of MMCC to the applause of their families, and other Hungarian descendants of refugees and friends who attended this beautiful tribute. Their pictures and a brief quotation from their stories were projected on the giant screen, each hero was toasted with fine Hungarian Plum and Apricot Brandy. At the end of the emotional presentation, all as a group together with all the refugees of 1956 were presented and applauded.

The 16 book heroes are Frank J. Holly PhD., FFAO, Kázmér Mészáros, Ödön Pál Takács, László Hertelendy, Elmér Engel, Professor Emeritus Joseph Nagyvary, Jenõ E. Muller, Gábor Nagy, Jenõ Lukácsy, Béla Szovák, Father Bernard Marton, Csaba Gyula Finta, Father Julius Leloczky, O,Cistercian, Magda Sándor, Béla Márton, and Beatrix Zsuzsánna Mányai.

The program also featured classical musical selections for the dinner guest to enjoy by the trio of Gábor Simonfalvi, Antonia Paláncz, and Enikő Walter Howard. As the guests sipped Hungarian Plum and Apricot Brandy and Bodvin Tokaji Furmint and Rhapsody fine Hungarian wines and exchanges stories of times passed by.

Then, a poem written by Lt. Zoltan Kárpáti of the Hungarian Army entitled “Hungarian October” was recited with great emotion by Edina Balogh. “Hungarian October” was written during a battle on October 30th gave all the guests a unique insight to the battles and emotions of a loyal Magyar soldier who lived the revolution at its bitter core. Then, each of the 56-ers were given a carnation by a younger fellow Hungarian
as a symbol of appreciation of their deeds, and toasted with a glass of wine from Eger, distributed by www.nimrodwines.com.
The special guests were Hon. Phillip Aronoff, the Honorary Consul of Hungary from Houston, and his wife Lynn.

As Mr. Aronoff addressed the more than 200 guests, acknowledged the importance of the revolution, which in spite of the defeat, the idea, the love of freedom lived on in the tiny nation and inspired others to fight for their freedom.  The commemorative part of the event concluded with the blessing of the guests and their meals by Fr. Julius Leloczky, then the main course was served: Hungarian Pork Schnitzel, Petrezselymes (Parsley) Potatoes, mushroom sauce and cucumber, onion, tomato and Bell peppers salad, prepared

by a new local caterer, Toni Ciulea of Smart Food Solutions (www.smartfoodsolutions.org). (The dinner was magnificent and reminiscent of a feast at a Budapest sidewalk Café. No Magyar event is complete without a fine dessert unique to the great bakers of Magyarorszag. We were presented with a delightful Cacao Cream Cake by Éva Lakatos.

When the music started and the Csárdás Hungarian Dancers of Austin (www.aifd.cc/csardas) took to the dance floor with folk dancing that got faster and louder and faster and louder until it was almost dizzy trying to keep up with the boot slapping, jumping, stomping fun. It was nice watching the traditional dances of our native Hungary.

As all the pageantry drew to a close, we got a special treat, the guests were able to purchase the bilingual book, Bátorság A Szabadságert Texasi 56-osok Emlékeznek, The Courage for Freedom, 56-ers Remember from Texas and have it dedicated by the authors of each memoir. (also available for purchase at https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Batorsag+a+szabadsagert
One of our book heroes, Joseph Nagyvary introduced his own biography book:  Violence and Violins – The Making of a Hungarian Refugee, which is also available for purchase at: http://today.tamu.edu/2016/10/13/violence-and-violins-prof-recalls-his-role-in-hungarian-revolution/?utm_source=today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2016-10-26&utm_content=Violence%20and%20violins
This great event was a fitting honorarium to the heroes who gave their lives in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, whose blood was spilled so that the scourge of communism would eventually be toppled and our beloved Hungary could again be free from tyranny.

The commemorating event was organized by, Éva Beluska MMCC President, Pesti Ilona MMCC Event Organizer, Váli Péter MMCC Vice President, representing the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle, and a number of volunteers who worked very hard to make the event as memorable as possible.

We thank our sponsors, the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation (HIF) and the Cistercian Abbey, Our Lady of Dallas for their contribution to the commemoration.

The event was videotaped by Bob Vincent of Reel Heroes Media, and the tapes will be made available for media and TV broadcast.


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The MMCC Celebrates the ’56 Freedom Fighters and Refugees

The MMCC Celebrates the ’56 Freedom Fighters and Refugees Sunday, October 23, 2016, 4 - 8:00 PM (following the Hungarian mass which begins at 3 PM) at the Cistercian Preparatory School Gymnasium, 3550 Cistercian Rd. Irving, TX 75039, Building 3660

We will have a slideshow during the dinner about the 56-ers. Please send your or your family pictures (pre or post ’56) to Eva Beluska prior to October 10. Please indicate the names, approximate date and location of each picture.

Reservation deadline: October 10. To secure your reservation, please send your payment to Eva Beluska, evabeluska@hotmail.com, 817-829-2180. No payment will be accepted at the door. For more information, see the flier.

It makes us extremely happy to announce that the: The Courage for Freedom, 56-ers Remember from Texas - book, published by MMCC, is print ready. The book contains the memories of 16 brave freedom fighters and refugees. Stories about their fight, and about their and others’ perilous journey to freedom. The books will arrive just in time for the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, as a result of many, long and exhausting hours of work of a great number of volunteers.

This book will be available at the Commemoration on October 23!

We’d like to ask for your support in the form of donation to help covering the publisher’s cost of this bilingual book.
Please write your check, to MMCC (Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle), and send it to Eva Beluska, 1904 Autry Ct. Arlington, TX 76017, and we will promptly send you a receipt.
All donations to MMCC are tax deductible!


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DFW Saint Stephen’s Day celebration will be August 28

Dear Friends!

Saint Stephen was canonized in 1083 A.D. on the occasion of the opening of his tomb in Székesfehérvár. Saint Stephen’s Day is also that of the traditional ’New Bread’ day in Hungary.

This year, our Saint Stephen’s Day celebration will take place on Sunday, August 28th starting at 5.00 PM in the Cistercian Preparatory School’s Cafeteria, after the 4.00 PM Hungarian language Holly Mass held in the Abbey.

We ask you to bring your favorite food or drink. Also please bring enough to share with your fellow Hungarians who may be coming from far distances. The MMCC will provide water, soft drinks, coffee and all the paper and plastic ware. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

We would also like to mention to those who have not paid the annual MMCC membership fees, your help would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance, the MMCC Leadership, August 2016.
Download the flier

We are happy to announce, that our friend and founding member of the MMCC, Véssey Ede will be presenting his newly published volume of poems. His brief biography and book information is below:

"Két világ határán" by Ede Véssey
Ede Véssey's collected poems were published by Kráter Műhely Egyesület for the 2016 Festive Book Week in Budapest, with the title "Két világ határán" ("On the Border of Two Worlds"). The volume can be purchased at several Hungarian online booksellers (e.g. www.krater.hu, www.libri.hu, www.bookline.hu, etc.).

Ede József Véssey was born in 1948 in Budapest. He received his diploma in Architectural Engineering in 1973. He was teaching structural engineering subjects for architectural students at the Technical University Budapest for 11 years. In 1984 he and his family settled in the USA. He worked as a structural engineer in Dallas for 30 years. He is a founding member of the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle, and he served as Treasurer for several years.



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On July 23rd will start the Hungarian language classes held by the MMCC volunteers!

: for adults and children
Intermediate: for adults and children
Advanced: for adults and children
Dates: July 23, 30; August 6, 13, 20, 27
Time: 2-5 PM
Location: Bedford Church of Christ
2401 Bedford Road, Bedford, TX 76021
Price: Free - $ donations are gladly and gratefully accepted

Register: evabeluska@hotmail.com 817-829-2180
Everyone is welcome!

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Dr. Szemerkényi Réka, Ambassador of Hungary visiting Fort Worth, Texas.

To our great pleasure, Dr. Szemerkényi Réka, was extended and graciously accepted the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle's (MMCC) invitation to join our local Hungarian community for the annual May Day celebration. Arriving on May 6 at DFW airport, the club's president, Eva Beluska and her husband Jack, greeted her and started their two day strenuous but fulfilling program. Many in this area are unaware, but Budapest and Fort Worth are sister cities. Based on that close relationship, the Fort Worth Sister Cities International organization joined the MMCC in hosting the Hungarian official. The first stop was the Fort Worth Rotary Club lunch where Dr. Réka enjoyed the warm welcome of Congresswoman Kay Granger, Dough Briley, FW Rotary Club president, Mae Ferguson, president and CEO of FWSCI, and many business leaders. They listened to the ambassador's keynote speech with great interest. Several Hungarians from Dallas also came to meet the dignitary and sang with pride the Hungarian National anthem.

After the luncheon, the ambassador attended a presentation of the Trinity River Vision by J. D. Granger, the president of this grand project. When that session was over, she went on to visit the historic stockyards. Because of the time constraint, this turned out to be only a quick overview but she did promise to come back in the future to have some fun there.

She was driven to TCU to meet Professor Tamás Ungár and his wife Jutka. Mr. Ungár is not only a world renowned pianist, but also the founder and president of the Piano of Texas International Academy & Festival. He arranged for a nice reception for the Ambassador. Most of the attendees had some past or present cultural or educational connections with Hungary. She was particularly glad to meet Dr. Kenneth R. Stevens, a Fulbright Scholar himself, who was a guest professor at the University of Debrecen, Hungary in 2014. They were all very happy to talk to the Ambassador about the strong academic connections existing between University of Debrecen and Texas Christian University. This short visit concluded with a short, but wonderful piano performance by Peter Klimo, piano virtuoso, who is also of Hungarian descent.

Afterwards, she was driven to Dallas to enjoy a steak dinner at the Y.O. Ranch restaurant. Meeting there with a small group of leaders from the MMCC, they had a chance to talk about the local Hungarians, their activities, aspirations and hopes to start a great relationship with the Hungarian Consulate in Washington D.C., since Texas has now been transferred to that jurisdiction from Las Angeles.

They closed the day on high note and retired to rest up for the next day's long and exciting programs. Saturday morning the ambassador visited the Cistercian Abbey in Irving meeting with Abott Peter Verhalen and a small group of the Hungarian fathers who fled from communist Hungary. They somehow ended up here and established the abbey in 1955. The group included Fr. Roch Kereszty, Fr. Marton Bernard, Fr. Julius Leloczky and Fr. Bede Lackner who also had a chance to meet the ambassador. To everyone's pleasure, Fr. Bernard offered a detailed tour of the abbey and the school. Both the Ambassador and the other visiting Hungarian official, Ferencz Péter, mayor of Bélapátfalva, were clearly surprised and pleased to note the similarities between this church and the Cistercian Abbey Church in Bélapátfalva built in the 14th century. The church in Irving was designed and built to resemble the original structure in Hungary.
When the lunch prayers of the fathers concluded, the group took an opportunity to visit the small but notable monument of the heroes of the 1956 revolution in Hungary which stands near the church.

Saying a heartfelt goodbye to the fathers, the entourage drove back to Fort Worth to the Gazda property where preparations for the long awaited May Day celebration were well under way. The Gazda family met the ambassador (an Eger native) with delicious Hungarian Gulyás, prepared by Miklós Gazda (also from Eger) and fine wine from that Hungarian city. The guests began arriving and turned into record breaking numbers - over 200. During the afternoon, she had a chance to meet and talk to many compatriots and their family members. This was a truly memorable May Day for the Hungarians living in North Texas. They will remember Dr. Szemerkényi Réka, their ambassador with love and admiration. They also hope that, there will be many more events like this. We, the leaders of the MMCC, hope that this visit was not only wonderful, but also beneficial for everyone.

Thanks for the honor and the privilege.
Éva Beluska,
MMCC president

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Hungarian Majális (May Day) in Dallas- Fort Worth

On May 7, 2016 the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle held its annual "Majális" celebration at what has been known as the Gazda farm inKeller. Although the attendance record was broken this year (over 200 attendees) the celebration was bittersweet. Jeannie Gazda, who has been the event's official hostess for many years in the past after her husband, Imre's passing, was missing from the festivities. Our beloved friend passed away in January, when the planning for this year's event was already under way. Jeannie's daughters, Elisabeth and Giselle and their families, graciously allowed us to come back to the property to celebrate May Day once again.

In addition to local gulyás gourmets, Gazda Miklós made his traditional return trip from Eger, Hungary to be chief chef and culinary contributor for the event. Traveling from Hungary with Miklós was also the Mayor of Bélapátfalva, Péter Ferencz . The event's special guest was Dr. Szemerkényi Réka, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States. The ambassador was thoroughly impressed not only with abundance of delicious food like the Gulyás and fresh Lángos, the entertainment provided by the Hungarian ladies and children's choirs but most of all with the level of commitment the local Hungarians have in maintaining their identity and their heritage.

Other activities included a bounce house for the children, a soccer game with teams representing Dallas and Fort Worth and later in the evening a bonfire with traditional folk song singalong. This event is one of many that truly helps galvanize us as a community and preserve our culture in this area. Please keep up with this web site and our Facebook page to stay current on things happening in our community.
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DFW Hungarian Community Commemorates 1848 March 15 Revolt

On Sunday, March 13, 2016 local Hungarians gathered at the Cistercian Abbey and Preparatory School in Irving to celebrate and commemorate the 168th anniversary of the 1848 March 15 Hungarian Revolt. Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle (MMCC) President Eva Beluska greeted those in attendance and announced some leadership changes in the MMCC organization:
Our beloved Secretary and faithful servant of the DFW Hungarian community, Jeannie Gazda (who passed away earlier in the month) will be succeeded by her daughter, Elizabeth Gazda. Our long time Treasurer, Bela Marton decided to retire and his successor will be Stacy Huber. The MMCC leadership and members welcome Joe Czabajszki in the position of Communication and Media Director.

The announcements were followed by a short program, including commemoration speech by MMCC Vice President Peter Vali, Edina Balogh Petterson’s recital of Petofi’s National Song, presentation of Hungarian folk songs by adults and children of the DFW community.

Following the official program, local Hungarians and their guests celebrated their community with food and drinks and informal fellowship.

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Magyar Káposzta és Pogácsa Fesztival/Hungarian Cabbage and Pogácsa Festival

On Saturday, February 20 from 4-8 p.m., the Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle invites you to the Hungarian Cabbage and Pogácsa Fesztival. The event will be held at the Bedford Knights of Columbus Hall, 1319 Brown Trail, Bedford TX 76022. Bring your favorite homemade cabbage dish or pogacsa to be judged and to share with 4 to 6 people. Be creative: cabbage soup or main dish or cabbage dessert or your favorite kind of pogacsa. The food will be accompanied by soda and a glass of quality wine from Hungary. For additional alcohol consumption, a cash bar is available. If you would rather bring a kid's meal or other hot dish or pastry please let Ilona know when you register so that everyone can see the menu in advance.

There will be a "Spring Welcoming" performance. And a costume contest for children and adults as well as kids' corner activities. Dance music will be played for all age groups.

Register soon, as attendance is limited to 150 individuals, including children. Please make your check payable to MMCC and mail it to Ilona Pesti, P. O. Box 972, Bedford, TX 76095 by February 5. Tickets for adults are $15 for MMCC members ($10 for members) , 6-12 yrs. $6, and free for children under 6. If you have any questions, please contact Ilona Pesti @ 972.739.6596 - pestiilona2@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you there!.

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Remembering the Heroes of 1956

Not long ago we commemorated the heroes of the 1956 October Revolution in Hungary. Even though it was short lived, the brave participants shook the world with their actions, thus earning the Free World's admiration and recognition. As time passes, the memories of those heroic deeds are growing dimmer and dimmer. Soon the 60th anniversary will be upon us, and we can only imagine what was it like to be there and what did really happen during those days and weeks in 1956?

Because of that, we are asking all those North Texas Hungarians who lived through the uprising, or who actively took part in it, to step forward and share your experiences with us and with the future generations. We would like to collect those precious memories, and if possible, compile them in a book format for publication. The first step would be to identify and get in touch with all those individuals. Therefore we are asking you to please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to schedule an interview or let us know if you plan to contribute you own written story.

Years ago, our friend, Imre Gazda dreamed of compiling this book and now it has been initiated by Bela Marton. So far the (Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle) MMCC members, Jeannie Gazda and Eva Beluska have joined him in this endeavor. As has happened in the past with other activities that the MMCC has embarked on, many of you have helped out to assure the success of the project. We are confident that the trend will continue, and again, many will join us.

We realize that your time and interest will dictate how much or how little you are able to participate. We invite those who heroically participated in the 1956 Revolt and will volunteer to share their stories, to please call one of the following individuals or write to their addresses. You may also pass this information on to your friends and relatives living in this area who may wish to contribute their first-hand stories.

Bela Marton – 972-727-5467 (bimarton@yahoo.com) 211 Lynge Dr., Allen, TX 75013

Eva Beluska – 817-829-2180 (evabeluska@hotmail.com) 1904 Autry Ct., Arlington, TX 76017

Jeannie Gazda-817-915-4843 (igazda@hotmail.com)1901 Keller-Hicks Rd.,Ft.Worth,TX 76177

We look forward to your reply!

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Community Rewards Program

The Metroplex Magyar Cultural Circle is pleased to announce several opportunities to easily and automatically contribute to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization:

Kroger’s: Link your Kroger rewards card at : www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com .Enter your email address and password and click on “Sign In”. Click on “Community” then “Community Reward”¸then click on enroll now¸ complete personal information, click on save. Enter your organization’s number (34244) or name and click on “Search”. Select your organization and click on “Save”. To verify that you enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on the right side of your account settings page. Once you are linked, you can start earning rewards immediately.

Tom Thumb/Randalls/Simon David: Register your rewards card online and then click on the Community Caring link, followed by the Good Neighbor program. There you will find the form to fill out and take to your local store. You may list 3 favorite charities. The MMCC membership number is: 11152.

Amazon’s Smile Program: Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com. Click on the link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/56-2306802 to register.

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New Book: Searching for Heaven by Geza Bosze

In I the Contraption, Searching for Heaven, a thinker follows his alter ego, Pinocchio, in an exploration of humanity’s deepest questions: Why are we here? Where are we going? Pinocchio’s journey takes him from the depths of human suffering and cruelty to the heights of well-being, describing a message of hope for the future. The world is a lucid dream—a magical simulation—and we have almost grasped the ability to manipulate the interlocking blocks of its substance. Soon we will be able to create our own heaven, a world shaped not by blind, unreliable nature, but rather by knowledge and understanding of the forces in play. This fascinating and refreshingly positive book builds a literal magical bridge between science and faith that points to hope in our often chaotic and absurd world. The answers the author proposes are deeply thought-provoking and could even be life changing.

See more at Amazon.com

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Local Hungarian Businesses

Agnes Csiffary Remax Real Estate Agent

Agnes ,well known to many within the local Hungarian community, works hard to provide clients with the most positive real estate experience possible. A vital part of today's real estate industry is technology, and to that end she provides her clients with state-of-the art web tools and marketing. It's just one of the many things that has made her one of the most respected real estate agents in the neighborhoods in which she works. For more information see Agnes Csiffary's Remax Website .

HD TV with over 80 channels including: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, Duna TV, Duna World, Hír TV plus many other news, sports, music, history, science and movie channels. Also included are 3 HBO and 3 Cinemax channels.
For more information contact Ivon Novotny: 214-770-8859 email: hungarotv17@gmail.com
WI-FI connection and minimum equipment required.
Equipment and startup cost is $ 300.00
Subscription service is $30/month.
Pay 6 months in advance and receive 1 extra month free.

Martha Marozsan Designs can create that special gown, costume or uniform for your unique occasion. Personal attention in couture from concept and fabric selection to dazzling.
Click here to see samples

Book Review

56-ers Remember from Texas 

This bilingual book is a series of memoirs of Hungarian Freedom Fighters, who live in Texas. When the uprising was crushed, they had to flee from their beloved homeland to escape persecution. Also, included in the book are the memoirs of some individuals, who were considered enemy of the regime because of their worldviews or religious convictions, and had to endure harassment and incarceration, therefore felt like they had to leave while they could. Their stories are testaments to their Courage for Freedom. The MMCC volunteers collected and published them as a tribute to their local heroes. We hope that both Hungarian and English readers will enjoy this book. Available for purchase through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Also for limited time at  evabeluska@hotmail.com   817.829.2180

Book Review

Violence and Violins - the Making of a Hungarian Refugee
By Joseph Nagyvary

This bilingual book is a series of memoirs of Hungarian Freedom Fighters, who live in Texas. When the uprising was crushed, they had to flee from their beloved homeland to escape persecution. Also, included in the book are the memoirs of some individuals, who were considered enemy of the regime because of their worldviews or religious convictions, and had to endure harassment and incarceration, therefore felt like they had to leave while they could. Their stories are testaments to their Courage for Freedom. The MMCC volunteers collected and published them as a tribute to their local heroes. We hope that both Hungarian and English readers will enjoy this book. Available for purchase through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Also for limited time at  evabeluska@hotmail.com   817.829.2180

Book Review

Good Dogs Do Stray - Emmerich Koller

Good Dogs Do Stray is a narrative blend of a young person's wonderment and the seasoned reflection of an older man. Emmerich Koller tells the true story of his family as it copes with privation, World War II and its aftermath, escape from Stalinist Hungary after the revolution of 1956, four years of refugee life in Austria, and immigration to America. Woven into the family's history is the author's own metamorphosis from poor country boy to seminarian, to college graduate, to member of a religious order, to teacher.Read more


Book Review

A Single Yellow Rose - Anna Koczak

A heartwarming love story set against the backdrop of communist rule and oppression in post-war Hungary?an engaging read that puts you in the middle of international intrigue and conflicting family loyalties as a young girl comes of age and discovers her own values and boundaries.

Anna was born in Balatonrendes, Hungary on July 20, 1928. She escaped from her country torn by a turbulent political time on January 30, 1949. Anna studied history in Paris at the Sorbonne from 1950-1954. She married an American Diplomat, Stephen Koczak, and they were stationed in Israel, Washington, DC, West Berlin, and again in Washington, DC, with their three daughters. Anna, now a widow, lives in Texas with her youngest daughter and her family.